Best Laptops Under 350 dollars (from $300 to $350)

Best Laptops Under $300 – $350 dollars in 2014

Each month there are thousands of people looking for the best laptops under $300 hoping to find a good deal for their new laptop. Before making your purchase be sure you understand the main difference between a mini laptop (also know as an NetBook) and a laptop (also known as a Notebook) because at 300-350 dollars you will find both mini-laptops and refurbished laptops.

Laptops can compete with full sized computers in terms of performance, are heavier and bigger than netbooks, and they are fast enough to be used as “desktop replacement”.

Netbooks are smaller, cheaper, lighter, more portable laptops. When using a netbook for a longer period of time you cand find the smaller screen and keyboard difficult to use and tiring for the eyes. That’s why they are perfect for web browsing, e-mails, light office use & mostly for internet-based tasks.

You won’t find many (if any) new laptops with 15+ inch display size priced under $300 with decent performance to use as your primary PC.

Personally here’s how I see the difference between Laptops & Mini-Laptops:

Laptops (or Notebooks):Higher performance (can be used as primary PC).
Can play games, HD movies & complex software
Larger screens, usually between 14-to-19 inches.
Larger keyboards for comfortable typing.
Have built-in DVD drives.
Battery life between 2 to 6+ hours.
Weight between 5 to 12+ pounds.
Can be used as a primary PC
Prices between $350 to $1500+ for a good laptop.
Mini-Laptops (or Netbooks):Medium performance (for office use mostly).
Smaller screens, usually between 10-to-13 inches.
Smaller keyboards.
No built-in DVD drives.
Smaller and more portable than Laptops.
Longer battery life, 6 to 10+ hours.
Small & light-weight, making them ultraportable.
Not recommended for heavy gamers or complex apps.
Prices between $250 to $600 or maybe even more.